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The longest and thinnest country in the world stretches between the Andes Mountains and the Pacific Ocean. Sharing its borders with Argentina, Peru, and Bolivia, Chile also has territory in Polynesia and Antarctica, making it a tri-continental Nation. From the altiplano to the unexplored southern territories at the end of the world, Chile invites you to live adventures in the middle of the driest desert in the world, the only temperate rainforest in South America, in front of ancient glaciers waiting to be discovered or under the watchful eye of the imposing Andes Mountains amid the movement of modern cities like its capital, Santiago.


These cultural and climatic contrasts have marked the identity of the country and its people. Warm, energetic, close, and friendly, Chileans share the love for their land, which invites them to build bonds beyond distances, to live unique experiences. The wisdom and the expressions of the soul are passed down from generation to generation and are expressed in customs as diverse as the landscapes. Its festivities that delight and captivate its participants. Costumes and masks sparkle under the highland sun in the Fiesta de la Tirana. Myths and legends come to life in magical Polynesian rituals on Easter Island. While in Chiloé, the solidarity Minga celebrates the construction or relocation of the local house. 

The richness of the Chilean soil gives birth to foods impregnated with the flavor of nature that extends to the world. Its ingredients are printed in each flavor with more than 4,000 kilometers of coastline and the deployment of 17 climates, making them unique. Wines that share Old World traditions and keep the secrets of the land. From these products prepared with local techniques, unique preparations emerge, giving the identity of their own and new life to the food. Among the most famous local dishes are pastel de choclo (corn pie), empanadas de pino (pine empanadas), or curanto de Chiloé. In this dish, food is steamed, covered by native leaves and hot stones under the ground. Effects of a chain that is born from the work of those who work the land, produce the food, transport, cook, and close with those who enjoy it at the table from anywhere in the world.

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