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Colombia, country located in the northwest of South America. It has 1,600 km of coastline to the north bathed by the waters of the Caribbean Sea, and 1,300 km of coastline to the west bathed by the Pacific Ocean. It borders with Panama, which divides the two bodies of water, on the northwest, with Venezuela, and on the east with Brazil, Ecuador, and Peru in the south. With a surface of 2,070,408 km2, which 1,141,748 km2 correspond to its continental territory and the remaining 928,660 km2 to its maritime extension. The population concentrates in the interior of the mountainous interior, where Bogotá, the capital city, is located on a high plateau in the northern part of the Andes mountain range.

Colombia is not only known for its biodiversity, but also its natural resources, its geography, and its multiculturalism and multiracialism. This diversity has generated intelligent and industrious people, with great cultural wealth and a high level of education. This country is the result of the union of cultures at the time of the conquest, so the traditions in the regions are represented in the many dialects, dances, colors, sounds, and flavors.

The climate in Colombia varies from extreme cold in the snowy mountains to the warmest at sea level. In almost all the territory there are two rainy periods - from April to June and from August to November - and two summer periods. The country enjoys constant luminosity throughout the year, with an equal number of day and night hours.

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Anchored in the Central Mountain Range, between coffee forests, is the department of Quindio, one of the smallest in Colombia, although it is rich in resources and natural beauties that motivate frequent visits. 


In the Quindío abound the colorful panorama of coffee plantations, flowers, banana, and sugar cane plantations. More than 2,000 species of plants, and a group of fertile lands, where a multicolored environment is created, prevailing the green. 


The average temperature in most of the region is 20 degrees Celsius, with some exceptions such as the Cocora Valley and Los Nevados Park. More than 500 species of birds populate the region, making it an ideal area for bird watching, observation, and photography.

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