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Colonial Trail Ride, Brazil

A riding holiday for nature & wildlife enthusiasts, a trip where you imagine yourself in the middle of a National Geographic documentary!


The Pantanal, a pristine and almost unknown region is as good the size of half of France. It has not only the greatest biodiversity of the entire American continent but it is also a true cowboy region! Nature, wildlife, and cowboys, that are obviously the ideal ingredients for a top adventure holiday when you love riding and nature!

The Brazilian cowboy or Pantaneiro is a living legend in his country, lives mostly of livestock, and is proud of its century-old cowboy or rather a Pantaneiro tradition. Along with those Pantaneiros you go on a horseback expedition in a region that has no equal. The Pantanal, also known as “ terra de ninguém” (no man’s land) is a lush half-open tropical territory, which annually in the rainy season sets large parts of the Pantanal underwater. Water and sunshine, a dream combination for luxuriant vegetation and a wonderful habitat for the most fascinating animals of our globe.


8 Days - 7 Nights

Riding days

6 Days

Group Size

04 - 10 Riders

Riding level




trip highlights:

  • See exotic animals in there natural habitat in the wild and wet territory, in the largest wetlands of the world.270 different bird species including parrots, toucans, ibis, kingfisher, Colibri, jabiru-stork, and many more you can spot in the Pantanal. In waterholes and rivers are living caiman, giant river otters, and piranhas.

  • The Pantanal, also very rich in grazing lands has the largest livestock and farms in the world.

  • The Pantaneiros will saddle their Pantanal horses for you,  a fast horse, very maneuverable, and exceptionally light in the mouth. Their horses are a real pleasure to ride with.

  • you will go for some cattle work in the field and get acquainted with their cowboy culture, lassoing, rounding up the cattle, learn about their music, customs and habits. 



day 1: Campo Grande - Fazenda Baia das Pedras - Pantanal

day 2 : Fazenda Baia das Pedras - Pantanal

day 3 and 4 : Fazenda Baia das Pedras - Fazenda Primavera 

day 5 : Fazenda Primavera - Fazenda Barra Mansa   

day 6 and 7 : Fazenda Barra Mansa / Pantanal

day 8 : Fazenda Barra Mansa - Campo Grande

Download the full program in PDF, by clicking here

Although we do our very best to adhere to the schedule listed above, this itinerary is subject to change for numerous reasons beyond our control including weather and terrain conditions. The final route is always left up to the discretion of the trip leader in the field.

dates & prices

Prices & dates:

08 days / 07 nights / 06 days riding
Price 3.910 USD p.p.**

** Prices are linked to the Brazilian Real, in case of strong exchange rate fluctuations, the price can be adjusted up to 3 weeks before departure.

** Are you alone? do not worry, you can individually register/book and join in a group with other riders.

when you book with us

First, you just must to...

Click on the date more convenient for you, and fill the form (that will appear) with all the information that we required.

Then, we are going to...

Check the availability, and send you a Budget with all the details about your trip, and the process to do the payment. 

Once we receive your payment...

We will send you an invoice to confirm your booking.


  • Accommodation: 5 nights based on Double / Triple / Quadruple rooms & 2 nights in hammocks in a luxury camp (with shower, toilet, kitchen ]

  • Meals: Full board (breakfast, lunch, and dinner).

  • All Alcoholic drinks (caipirinha, beer, wine, cachaça,..) and all Soft drinks

  • Snacks during the ride.

  • Guides: Fluency in several languages by the leader guides of the group between the languages are: English, Spanish, French, and Portuguese. The guides-gauchos are equipped with cell phones and walky-talky radios.

  • Tours and recreational activities in the programming of each Fazenda. (fishing, boat trips,..)  

  • Backup Vehicle: brings your personal luggage to the daily overnight place. 

  • Horses & tack, including saddlebags and raincoat.

not included:

  • Travel Insurance and Trip Cancellation Insurance are Mandatory: ask your local insurance company or travel agent about it. You will not be allowed to participate in this riding holiday without having both of these personal travel insurance. 

  • Flight: international and local flights are not included. Gateway is Campo Grande (CGR)  

  • Transfer by 4x4 vehicle from Campo Grande - to Baia das Pedras and return from Barra Mansa to Campo Grande. The all-terrain vehicles will take 03 persons per car, that way you will travel comfortably to and from the Pantanal. The cost for this all-terrain private transfer both ways is USD 504 per person. A drive of a minimum of 6 hours in the wilderness to go and another 6 hours to come back. The adventure starts with the transfer to the Pantanal!= 4x4, wilderness & animals.

  • Personal expenses 

  • Tips: (optional)

  • Booking Sales Tax: USD 33,00 per person per payment

travel information

travel information

 Essential Trip Information provides a detailed itinerary, visa info, how to get to your hotel, what's included - pretty much everything you need to know about this adventure and more.

travel documentation

  • International Passport:  Required for most foreigners (still 6 months valid)

  • Visa:  most European and Latin American citizens do not need a visa to travel to Brazil. Contact the Brazilian Embassy in your country for more information. All North American Citizens, (USA - CAN - MEX) require a visa to travel to Brazil.

  • Travel Insurance is mandatory.

  • Trip Cancelation Insurance, mandatory.

  • International and local flights tickets. Campo Grande (CGR).

  • Vaccinations: not mandatory but recommended (consult your physician)

  • Luggage: the maximum allowable weight of your luggage depends from airline to airline. Check with the airline or travel agent how many kilograms and pieces of luggage you can take. Your personal luggage is transported during the trek to the various stopovers.

general information, country

  • Currency: The Brazilian currency is REAL. = R$

  • Health: The Pantanal is a safe region in terms of health. You can easily eat and drink anything without beeing stomach bothered. Eating raw vegetables, salads and icecreams is no problem. There are no vaccinations required and there is no malaria in this part of Brazil. In case of illness or an accident, we will take you to a good hospital or doctor

  • Language: Portuguese is the official language. Many Brazilians are monolingual, those who master a second language speak mostly Italian or German (especially in the South) because of their origins. More and more Brazilians now learn Spanish or English.

  • Safety: Brazil has not always the best reputation for safety and crime. This is primarily and almost exclusively in large cities such as São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, and Recife. The state of Santa Catarina and its capital city Florianópolis is quiet and completely safe. Our ride passes through the region of Coxilha Rica where there is no need to worry at all!.

  • The Electricity and plugs: 

  • General information:

  • Time: 

riding, general information

  • Horses: Pantaneiro (similar to the Criollo), a beautiful and explosive horse, easy to ride. Average height: 1.60m

  • The riding: 08 days trip. 6 days on horseback. Every day we will be about 6 hours in the saddle, divided into 2 periods (morning and afternoon)

  • Saddles: pantaneiro saddles (similar to the Gaucho saddle).

  • Adventure: 100%

  • Guides: professional and multilingual guides.

  • Comfort: clean and comfortable rooms.

  • Riding level: Suitable for intermediate to experienced riders. You should be confident on a horse at all paces. 

  • Group Size: Minimum 4 participants and Maximum  10 riders

  • Riders weight limit: 100 Kg

travel gear

  • A sweater 

  • A jacket 

  • 4 to 5 T-shirts or shirts. long-sleeved shirt is best. (Make sure you take at least 2 shirts with long sleeves!)

  • Riding pants or jeans. (Wrangler is the best jeans for riding = seam along the outside). 

  • Boots/riding Shoes,  with mini-chaps or long chaps. (Your boots/ shoes will/can be wet every day)

  • The second pair of shoes for the evening

  • Cotton socks

  • One towel

  • Swimsuit 

  • Slippers/sandals

  • Comfortable clothing

  • Hat

  • Toiletries

  • Sun Cream

  • Anti-mosquito spray / lotion 

  • Camera…

* It is recommended to put your luggage in a travel bag instead of a hard suitcase. 10 bags are easier to get in the backup vehicle than 10 suitcases.  (thanks!)

Booking Conditions & Cancellation Policies

Download the Booking Conditions & Cancellation Policies, by clicking here

Pantanal Ride Expedition, Brazi.png
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